VCT is visible primarily in business and commercial spaces, but is used in some residential properties as well. VCT, for those who may be unaware, stands for Vinyl Composition Tile. Around for decades, this flooring is available in the broadest array of colors and patterns. Its design flexibility is one of the primary reasons for its popularity.

If your business or home has had VCT and you are ready for a change, the first step is to coordinate its removal.


Using a professional flooring removal company is an investment in a job well done. At JBL, our professionals have significant experience in the removal of all types of floor coverings, including VCT; they will complete your job quickly and efficiently. And, they are licensed and insured. Also, employees assigned to jobs are well-versed in the removal process of the specific flooring at hand. Finally, everyone at JBL understands and appreciates our customer focused approach to service.  They are committed to providing the highest quality of service while ensuring that working with us is a positive experience.


While our specific processes vary depending upon the type of flooring that needs to be removed, our proven approach to service remains constant.  It has proven to be both efficient and effective and consistently results in satisfied clients.

In Home Visit

For each and every job we do, our first step is an on-site visit by one of our experienced professionals. The opportunity to meet you in person and see the job at hand is incredibly important. The knowledge and information we draw from this visit allows us to provide you with accurate time and cost estimates, up-front. We place a high priority on proactive communication. We set expectations at the start of  our relationship and ensure that you always know what we have planned. 

Commitment to Timeliness

We know the inconvenience that results when your service providers arrive late. We have even heard stories of  some that never show up! When you work with JBL, this will NEVER be a concern. We appreciate the value of your time and will not waste it. On the day of service our team will arrive at your home or business at the time we promised. You will NOT have to wait. Timeliness shows a basic level of respect, a foundation on which you should not compromise. 

Protecting Your Property

On each and every job, including the removal of VCT,  the first task we undertake is preparing your site for the remova. Protecting your home or business is critical. Upon arriving we will install temporary ramps over which we transport our equipment. This machinery is often heavy and has sharp blades necessary for removing your Vinyl Composition Tile. This protects the flooring in your entryway, hallways and areas where we will not be working.

Additionally, we take time to completely seal off all adjacent areas. The removal of VCT can be messy. The installation of plastic sheeting contains the dust and debris to the areas in which we work.  Other areas of your home or business will not be affected. 

Coating Removal

Because of the way VCT is installed,  professional-grade machinery is integral to the removal process. Our equipment allows us to quickly remove the majority of the VCT and our professionals go over the entire floor, by hand, to ensure that they are clean, smooth and ready for their next treatment. 

When we are convinced your floors are clean we will remove all of our machinery and equipment.  We also collect and dispose of flooring debris, we take it with us. We NEVER leave trash at your site.  In fact, we will completely clean all of the work areas, leave your site in the condition it was upon our arrival and have your floors ready for their new lives. 


Our reputation for high quality service is well-known throughout South Florida. In fact, because of the distinctive service we provide, many of our clients share our name with their friends, family and business associates. We are proud of these referrals, they are truly the highest compliment a client can pay us. When you recommend our company it shows your satisfaction with the services we provide as well as the professionalism of our staff. We continued to be honored by these actions and work tirelessly to provide even better service.

Perhaps the primary reason for our consistent, high-level of service is a result of our organization.  We are a family-owned business. And, families respect each other. Years ago we made a commitment to treat every client and everyone with whom we come in contact as if they were a member of our family.  This is the hallmark of our service philosophy. Our professionals are always honest, professional and respectful. We treat your home or business as if it were our own. The opportunity to work for you is a privilege, one which do not take lightly. We appreciate the fact that you allowed us into your home or business and take our work seriously.  On each and every job, customer satisfaction is our goal.


Flooring and Tile Removal

If you have VCT in your business or home and it is cracked, chipped or just not the look you desire, it may be time for new flooring. At JBL, we are ready to help you handle the first step, its removal. 

Call us today at 954-532-9677 to learn more about our services and how we can bring value to you.  We look forward to scheduling your on-site visit and providing your free cost and time estimate.


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