JBL Flooring Solutions is the #1 Tile Removal Company in South Florida. Look around your house. Take special note of your tile floors. Are they fresh and clean and in great condition? Do you love how they look?  Or, are they stained, chipped and broken? Are you looking for something new?

If you don’t love your current tile floors, either because they are no longer in good condition or because your tastes have simply changed, it may be time for new floors!  Tile is a popular choice and in South Florida it can be found in virtually every room of the house. That said, replacing tile can give any room (or your entire home) a whole new look.

If you have made the decision to give your home a bit of a makeover by replacing your tile floors, your first order of business is to remove the current flooring. While this may seem like something you can do on your own, be forewarned.  Removing tile is messy, requires professional equipment and must be done correctly to preserve the sub-floors that lie below. Many who decide they can “DIY” it end up contacting a professional mid-way through the project.

Quality tile removal

That said, do some research and identify the number 1 tile removal company in your area. Quality tile removal businesses should do the following.

  • Conduct an in-home visit in order to assess the job and provide accurate time and cost estimates.
  • Staff projects with licensed and insured professionals who have experience removing the type of tile in each home.
  • Commit to timely service; arrive when promised and work efficiently.
  • Protect the home by installing ramps over which to wheel heavy equipment, cover furniture and cabinets and seal off areas adjacent to the work space.
  • Clean thoroughly at the conclusion of the project; vacuum to capture resulting dust and cart away all debris.

The right business will remove your tile quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of disruption to your home.  When they leave, your floors will be clean and smooth and ready for their next life!


Flooring and Tile Removal

If you are looking for the number 1 tile removal company in South Florida, contact JBL Flooring Solutions. Our business has a proven reputation for providing expert flooring removal services with a commitment to client satisfaction.

Tile removal is among our specialties. As a family-owned business, we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our extended family.


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