Kitchen Demolition Services

Congratulations! You have made the decision to remodel your kitchen. While you are most likely excited at the prospect of a new and beautiful space; getting there requires a great deal of work.

In many cases, before your contractor can begin, you will need to demolish the existing space.  This leaves your kitchen designer with a blank canvas on which to create something special.

A common mistake of many homeowners is conducting the demolition personally. We understand their thought process. “Its just pulling things out, anyone can do it.” Unfortunately, the do-it-yourself approach often results in damage and adds time to the overall renovation process.

Consider the following facts about kitchen demolition. It often requires:

  • The use of professional tools. Our teams arrive with all necessary equipment; they are expert in using them for kitchen renovation projects.
  • A professional-level knowledge of construction and tile removal – you don’t want to demolish essential walls, pipes, subfloors or beams. Our professionals understand the ins and outs of demolition projects. They remove what needs to go while protecting areas and items essential for stability and future functionality.
  • The ability to remove a great deal of rubbish (consider all of your cabinets and flooring); this may be more than your trash collectors will take. We remove all demolition debris including cabinetry and tile.

Finally, mistakes made by the do-it-yourself homeowner can take time to repair, delaying your remodeling contractor and resulting in additional costs for which you may not have budgeted.

Our professionals provide you with an in-home accurate time and cost estimate. You can plan your entire renovation schedule. Our teams arrive on time and treat your home as if it were their own. We protect adjoining rooms and all areas where they work. Finally, we remove materials as we work and leave your home debris free and ready for construction of your new kitchen.

Looking for additional information on our kitchen demolition services? Contact us today.

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