Industrial Services

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Floor Treatment and Repair

JBL Flooring Solutions employees have over 4 years’ experience in concrete floor treatments, repair and joint filling.  Through years of project supervision we have implemented and developed new techniques and integrated new processes for concrete densification and other concrete floor treatments/repairs. All services are done to OSHA standards. Dealing with contractors we understand the importance of every job being done in a timely manner., and in budget. We pride ourselves on exceeding contractor expectations. JBL Flooring Solutions has state of the art equipment including ride on sweeper scrubbers, joint shavers, joint saws, vacuums and joint pumps.

What we do

  • Concrete Densifying
    • Clean area, apply densifier to specs, rescrub two times
  • Joint fill and Repair
    • Clean existing joints, vacuum, fill with 2- part polyurea product, and shave joints.
  • Crack and Spall Repair
    • Open cracks with joint chasing saws per OSHA standards, vacuum and fill
  • Minor Concrete Fill and Repair
    • Drill and fill with 2-part epoxy products
    • Clean and fill holes or divots
  • Floor Cleaning, Scrubbing and Degreasing
    • Water only or biodegradable degreasers
  • Clean and Fill Diamonds
    • Clean out diamonds and fill with Sika-flex
  • Scarifying
    • Level uneven concrete
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Please give us a call at 954-532-9677, we take pride in our work and it shows.

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