Tack down carpet is a popular manner of installation. It firmly affixes carpet in a room and is designed to last an incredibly long time. Often, home and business owners decide to replace their carpeting for reasons other than the quality of the installation. Face it, over time carpet often gets stained or wears thin. Frequently, home and business renovations are the catalyst for change.  Nothing provides a greater visual impact then new flooring.

Is it time to remove your tack down carpet? If so, you should carefully consider the services of a professional floor removal company. Because of the durability of tack down carpet, the services of a professional is absolutely necessary.  At JBL Flooring we are experienced in removing tack down carpeting – you will be 100% satisfied with our service.


The durability of the installation makes removing tack down carpeting complex. It is, without a doubt, a job for a professional. Often in place for years, and sometimes even decades, tack down carpet is affixed to the floor. Removing the carpet, padding, wood strips and many tacks and  adhesive requires the use of industrial machinery and the expertise of professionals. We have been removing tack down carpeting in South Florida for years. We are ready to help you!


At JBL we are experienced working in both residential and commercial environments.  Our in-depth understanding of the way in which tack down carpet is installed puts us in the ideal position to remove it completely and efficiently.

Our approach to service, which we take on every project regardless of size, begins with an onsite meeting. A member of our team will visit your home or business.  This interaction is key to providing you with accurate cost and time estimates. Not only do we see the job that needs to be done, we also gain an understanding of the layout of the property so we can effectively prepare. This lets us get to work quickly.  Additionally, this visit provides you the chance to meet one of our professionals. Rest assured, this individual represents our organization in its entirety. Everyone with whom you work at JBL will be responsive and professional.


Our team will arrive at your home or business when promised. We respect and value your time and are fully committed to adhering to our schedules.   At this time, we will leverage the knowledge we gained during our on-site visit and will prepare the site for carpet removal. This includes sealing off adjoining rooms with plastic sheeting to protect from dust and debris.  Protecting your home, at all times, is our priority.

Once the carpet, padding, tacks and adhesive are removed, we will utilize our professional grade machinery to ensure your floors are smooth and ready for their new life.  Before we leave we will remove all debris from your property, we take it with us. We also use our industrial vacuums to clean any residual dust and carpet fragments. We ALWAYS  leave each property as it was when we arrived.


Our professionals have earned a reputation for providing clients the highest quality flooring removal services with top-notch customer service. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done and are committed to maintaining this level of service and leaving each job with a clean and smooth floor and a satisfied customer.  

The opportunity to work for you is one which we appreciate. We are a family-owned business and are known for treating everyone with whom we come in contact as if they, too, were a member of our family. We treat everyone honestly and respectfully. These are the hallmarks of our service philosophy.


Flooring and Tile Removal

Removal of your current covering is the first step when replacing your flooring. We are ready to go to work for you.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and see first hand, the job you need completed.  Our reputation speaks for itself. Allow us to leverage our experience and bring you the high quality service for which we have become known. Call us today at 954-532-9677 to schedule your free in-home consultation!


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