If you have carpeting in your home or business, it may have been installed with glue. There are two popular methods of glue down carpet installation, the direct and double glue down processes.  Direct glue down installation is most often used in business and commercial locations. Carpet, in this case, is glued directly onto a very smooth floor. This method is appropriate for large areas.  Installed carpet is durable and incredibly appropriate for “rolling traffic” like carts or wheelchairs.

Double glue down carpet installation is similar to glued down, except this process involves a special padding.  Carpet is glued to the padding and the padding is affixed to the floor. The padding provides additional cushion and tends to extend the life of the carpet.

Regardless of whether your carpet is direct glue down or double glue down, removing it will require the assistance of a professional.  It is not a do it yourself type job. The adhesive used can be difficult to remove, you cannot simply pull the carpet up and throw it away. At JBL Flooring we are experienced in removing both types of glue down carpet and preparing your floors for their new life!

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Quite simply, glue is difficult to remove. In all cases, it is a job for a professional. Glue down carpet often covers large areas and may have been in place for years.  Removing the carpet, glue and padding (if double glued down) requires the use of professional equipment and the expertise of trained individuals. We have been removing glued down carpet throughout South Florida for years. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you.


At JBL we are experienced working in both commercial locations as well as private homes. We pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to both your business and daily life.  Our technical understanding of glue down carpet installation puts us in an ideal position to remove it completely and efficiently.

As a family-owned business, we have developed an approach to service which we institute on every project, regardless of size. At the heart of this approach is our belief that each and every client  is worthy of the quality of service that we would provide to a member of our own family. As such, each relationship begins with an onsite meeting. One of our team members will visit your business or home in order to assess your project in person. This assists us in providing you with accurate cost and time estimates.  We can see, first hand, exactly what you need and also gain perspective of your property and its layout. This allows us to prepare ahead of time, maximizing the value of our time at your location. When we arrive on site, we will be ready to get to work. This visit also offers you the opportunity to meet one of our professionals. This individual embodies the core values of our business and your meeting with him or her will be representative of everyone with whom you interact at JBL. We are always responsive to your needs and professional in our work.


Upon arriving at your location we will prepare your site for work. This includes sealing off adjoining areas with plastic to protect them from the dust and debris that results from carpet removal.  Protecting your property is always one of highest priorities.  

Once your location is prepared, we get to work. Using our professional machinery, we pull up the carpet, padding and all of the glue possible.  Because we can leverage our equipment, work can move quickly. We always follow up by hand, ensuring your floors are completely clear of all carpet and adhesive.  

Once the carpet, padding, tacks and adhesive are removed, we will utilize our professional grade machinery to ensure your floors are smooth and ready for their new life.  Before we leave we will remove all debris from your property, we take it with us. We also use our industrial vacuums to clean any residual dust and carpet fragments. We ALWAYS  leave each property as it was when we arrived. 


Our reputation for providing high quality, responsive flooring removal services is well known throughout South Florida. We work hard, consistently, to maintain it and continue to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We take great pride in our work and look forward to continuing to deliver the highest  level of services to everyone with whom we work. We’ll leave each job with a clean and smooth floor and a satisfied customer.  


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If you have glue down carpet and are interested in a new look, we can help. We are ready to go to work for you, remove your carpet and ready your floors for their next treatment. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about the job you need completed.  

Allow us to leverage our experience and bring you the high quality service for which we have become known. Call us today at 954-532-9677 to schedule your free in-home consultation!


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