Residential Services

Floor Removal and More

As a family owned business JBL Flooring Solutions considers it a privilege to solve your flooring removal needs and will treat you like family. We understand the stress that comes with remodeling, floor removal and demolitions and will complete your job in a fast, clean, and safe manner.

Services are usually complete in a day as opposed to weeks.

Our specialized process’s and equipment use no harsh chemicals or solvents. Our OSHA compliant and HEPA certified vacuum systems and air scrubbers dramatically reduce dust. We completely remove the old floor and all underlayment’s, glues, or thinsets. All debris is cleaned up and removed and we leave the floor clean and smooth for you to build upon.

We also provide bathroom and kitchen demolition and waste removal. Usually finished in a day and leaving your rooms ready for a new look with no changes to structural integrity, electrical or plumbing infrastructures.

We have perfected the process of removing floors and doing demolitions in homes and our results will amaze you.

Residential Services

Flooring Removal Services

Tile Floor Removal

  • Porcelain Tile Removal
  • Ceramic Tile Removal
  • Marble Tile Removal
  • Travertine Tile Removal
  • Spanish, Saltillo and Mexican Tile Removal

Wood Floor Removal

  • Hardwood Floor Removal
  • Engineered Wood Floor Removal
  • Laminate Wood Floor Removal

VCT and Other Laminate Floor Removal

  • VCT Floor Removal
  • Laminate Floor Removal
  • Vinyl Floor Removal

Carpet Removal – Glued or tacked

Underlayment Removal Services

  • Mortar and Thinset Removal
  • Adhesive Removal
  • Glue Removal
  • Epoxy Removal

Demolition Services

  • Kitchen and Bath Demolition
  • Waste and debris removal

Concrete floor treatment and repairs

  • For concrete floors being polished or treated
    • Crack repairs and fill
    • Joint fill and repair
    • Minor imperfection repair and fill

Tile To Be Removed


Hand Grinding Edges

Grinding Floor Smooth

Vacuum Cleaning

Smooth, Clean & Ready

Residential Floor Removal Process

What you can expect, and how we make a difference.

  1. REQUEST A QUOTE: We start by your calling or requesting a quote and a specialist will promptly get back to you to arrange or schedule a quote.
  2. PROJECT ESTIMATE: We perform a detailed in home project review with clear upfront measurements, scope of work and cost estimates.
  3. ON TIME ARRIVAL: Upon acceptance our crew will arrive on time, clean, and ready to complete your project.
  4. DUST REDUCTION: The crew quarantines the work area. Everything is covered from ceiling fans to cabinets. Our HEPA vacuum systems and air scrubbers are used in all phases to reduce/remove dust. We strive to be dustless, however; in our industry THERE ARE NO COMPLETELY DUSTLESS SYSTEMS. WE DO COME CLOSE!!!
  5. FLOOR REMOVAL: Flooring is removed with ride on electric machines and/or appropriate methods for your floor covering.
  1. FLOOR GRINDING: All thinset, mastic, underlayment, glue, etc. will be fully removed by mechanically grinding . All grinders are connected to our HEPA filtered industrial vacuum systems.
  2. CLEAN UP PROCESS: Floors are vacuumed and the entire area cleaned, leaving you’re your home and your floors, clean and ready to build upon.
  3. DEBRIS REMOVAL: All debris is removed and disposed of. We make every effort to recycle all debris.
  4. SUPERVISOR WALK THROUGH: Supervisor walks through residence with owner ensuring all work is complete and up to our /your standards.
  5. NOTE: If plans for new floor are a polished or floor coating for a concrete surface JBL can perform as needed concrete crack repair, joint fill, or surface imperfection repairs for the clients final process.

City Services

Whether a floor removal, demolition, or waste removal project. JBL Floorings Solutions is there for our residential customers. Providing a customized quote, and clean, professional service in a virtually dust free environment. Please give us a call at 954-532-9677, we take pride in our work and it shows.

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