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Before you can install tile, marble, carpet, or anything else, you need appropriate removal services, and our company has you covered! At JBL Flooring Solutions, our team focuses on the projects you can’t do yourself, including the removal of a patio, changing out the bathroom flooring, and much more.

Floor removal is our primary goal, which is important before flooring installation occurs. Your contractor offers quality service and is competitively priced when you choose someone from our team!

If you need floor removal services and live in any of these areas, please call us for an estimate:

Port St.Lucie Flooring Removal


Why JBL FLooring Solutions is Coral Springs Most Trusted Company

JBL Flooring Solutions is located in Pompano Beach and is the top choice for commercial and residential demolition, floor removal, and concrete treatment services.

We offer great workmanship and treat each job like it was for our homes. You get excellent service, and your floor can be removed so that you can add tiles or carpet as needed.

When you choose our company, you get:

On-time performance

We pride ourselves on punctuality, ensuring that your project stays on schedule and meets deadlines without delays.

Custom ramps to protect the threshold

Our tailored ramps are designed to safeguard your property's thresholds during the demolition and removal process, preventing damage and ensuring a smooth transition.

On-site generators

With our on-site generators, we guarantee uninterrupted service, even in areas with limited access to power sources, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Commercial-grade and company-owned equipment

We utilize high-quality, industry-standard equipment that is owned and maintained by our company, ensuring optimal performance and results for every project.

Eco-friendly solutions with no harsh solvents or chemicals

Our environmentally-conscious approach means that we use eco-friendly solutions that are free from harsh solvents or chemicals, prioritizing the health and safety of both our clients and the environment.

Bilingual team of professionals

Our team consists of bilingual professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring clear communication and understanding throughout the project.

Complete cleaning and debris removal

We take care of every detail, providing thorough cleaning and debris removal services, leaving your space clean, tidy, and ready for the next stage of your project.

Our Floor Removal Services

Before you can get new tile installed in Coral Springs, FL, you need the best flooring contractors. We treat your property like it was our own home! Here are some of our services.

Sweeping Away Diverse Flooring Types with Precision:

Floor Removal

The value of hiring a professional floor removal company cannot be overstated. Doing so can save you both time and money.  Additionally, working with professionals ensures that your work is performed correctly. We have both extensive experience in South Florida and a proven reputation for providing high quality, timely and professional service.

We Bring Down Walls and more:


Before floor installation can happen in Coral Springs, FL, you need quality flooring removal

Efficient Removal of Various Underlayment Types:

Underlayment Removal

Efficient removal of underlayment materials to prepare the subfloor for new flooring installations, ensuring a smooth and durable foundation for your space.

Revitalize Your Space with Expert Concrete Solutions.

Concrete Floor Treatments

Maybe you don’t need a new floor installation. Cleaning your concrete floors is crucial.

Concrete Floor Repairs

Often, you don’t need a floor installation team at all because you want to keep what you already have. Don’t add carpet to a beautiful concrete floor; choose our services for your next project to fix what you have.

Why Choose Our Flooring Contractors

Before a new floor installation renovation, you must focus on removing what’s already there in the house. When we send over a contractor to your Coral Springs, FL, home, we focus on the job and have the best equipment needed. Along with the removal of tile floors, we offer these benefits.

Dust-free floor removal Services

Our process uses a dust-free system to get the job done quickly without leaving dust and debris in its wake. Since it’s dust-free, we don’t put dust in the air, so clean-up is a breeze after flooring removal. In fact, floor installation is much faster, too!

Quick and Easy

You aren’t in the business of tile removal yourself, which is why you hire contractors to get rid of hardwood before installing something else. Our customers in Coral Springs, FL, know that we use the best techniques to remove flooring quickly.

These experts are trained to offer quality and professional flooring removal services quickly so that a business owner or homeowner can get their project finished on time. We make sure to stay on track with the scheduling process to ensure that your project is completed quickly.

Disposal Services

Tile work can lead to a lot of debris everywhere. Your business or home requires the best that contractors can offer in Coral Springs, FL. Therefore, we put down floor coverings on the areas that don’t need service.

Cleaning up is a breeze when you choose the service package that offers demolition clean-up!

When the service is finished, we bring in a dumpster to clear up anything that’s left. In fact, we understand how stressful it is to remove the debris, and we take it off of our customer’s hands because we’re a professional crew! Your business or home is sure to look amazing!

Team of Qualified Experts

Our contractors are the best, and we offer a great selection of floor removal options. Coral Springs, FL, homeowners, and businesses have nothing to worry about when they hire us!

In fact, our team has years of experience with floor removal. The process we’ve developed over the years is easy and fast, so the contractors complete the work effortlessly. You’re sure to be surprised by our professional service for your business or home!

Free Estimates

When you want to protect your baseboards or that slab of granite you’ve got stored, we are the top choice in Florida!

Our hard-working team in Coral Springs, FL, knows how challenging it is to price a project for your business or home. Therefore, you can request a free estimate from one of our professional members.

Affordable Rates

Customers like us because we’re professional and get the job done without costing too much money. We offer a solution that meets your needs, whether you’re in a condo or running a business.

Coral Springs, FL, clients are happy with the efficient methods we offer and the ability to stay on budget!

Don't DIY - Hire a Coral Springs Floor Removal Company!

Businesses and homeowners everywhere like our flooring contractors because we serve the South Florida area and are reliable. There's no need to search for someone else in Coral Springs, FL. We've got what your business or home requires. Whether you're putting in a wood floor or want to remove existing hardwood floors, our Florida team has what it takes. Please call us today to request a quote.

Please give us a call at 954-532-9677, we take pride in our work and it shows.

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