Are you looking for a stone tile removal service? Because of its many benefits, natural stone tile (including granite, travertine, slate, limestone and marble, among others) has become extremely popular both in homes and commercial locations across South Florida. In fact, this material is so versatile it is used in kitchens, living and dining rooms and even bathrooms. Because of its durability, this type of tile is popular in high traffic areas including hallways and showroom floors in commercial buildings.

These floors are also easy to clean and maintain.  Additionally, stone is a neutral choice in decor; visually, it is timeless.  And, as you can imagine, stone floors often seem to cool a room – enhancing their popularity in South Florida. Because of these facts, stone flooring often adds value to a property.  Many homes and businesses have had the same stone floors for years.

Today, many are hesitant to remove their stone tile. They are concerned that the job is too big to undertake because of the material’s resiliency.  Thankfully, this is just not true.


If you have stone tile in your home or business and would like to make a change, you absolutely can.  That said, because of the durability of stone and the manner in which it is installed, stone tile removal is clearly a job for a professional. The right company can coordinate with you, remove the stone and have your floors ready for their new life quickly and easily.  But, the job does require professional grade machinery and technical skill.  At JBL, our professionals have extensive experience removing stone tile. 


Our teams are comprised of professionals, all of whom are licensed and ensured.  They are well-versed in removing all types of stone tile. At JBL, we are ready to leverage our experience and bring our valuable service to you.

Residential and Commercial

We recognize that stone tile is popular both in homes, because of its timeless style, and businesses, because it is durable and easy to maintain. Our professionals are experienced in removing this type of tile from both residential and commercial locations.

Our initial goal, on every job, is to build a relationship.  This is the basis of the foundation for all of our service.  To do this, one of our professionals will visit you, either in your home or at your place of business.  It is important that we not only meet you, but we also see, first hand, the scope of the project on which you need our assistance.  This provides us the opportunity to develop accurate time and cost estimates for the job at hand. We take pride in providing you honest information and a promise of a job with no surprises.  You will truly know what to expect when you work with us. 

The first thing you will recognize is that we arrive on time.  Punctuality is one of the hallmarks of our service. We appreciate the value of your time and we will NOT waste it.  Our first goal on the job will be to prepare your home or business for the tile removal process. This course of action may include sealing off our work areas with plastic sheeting and tape to protect other areas of your property from the dust and debris that often result from stone tile removal.  Additionally, you may see us temporarily installing ramps upon which we will move our equipment. The durability of stone tile often requires the use of heavy machinery.  We want to protect your property when moving it in and out.  Also, our equipment is HEPA filtered which helps to protect the work site from the resulting dust.  Finally, depending upon the layout of your property, we may remove moldings and/or baseboards if we are concerned with possible damage during the removal process.  Needless to say, all of these will be reinstalled, exactly as they were, at the conclusion of the project. 

With regard to the actual removal, our first step is to leverage our machinery. This equipment is efficient and effective and can remove the majority of your stone tile easily.  Our professionals follow and work by hand to confirm absolutely all of the tile (including corners and edges) has been removed.  At this point, the only remaining trace of your tile is the glue (the mortar) which was used to adhere it to the floor.  By hand we can chisel away all mortar and then use our machinery again to ensure that your floors are ready for their next treatment.  Bottom line, when we finish, your floors will be clean and smooth. 

Finally, we have an established reputation for leaving all of our work sites in the same condition they were upon our arrival. Thus, for a final step, we remove absolutely all debris from your property.  We take everything with us, leaving your home or business clean and your floors ready for their new treatment.


 We are well-known throughout South Florida for our high quality floor removal services and our commitment to client satisfaction. In fact, much of  our work is the result of referrals from past clients.  This is the greatest compliment we can receive. 

As a family owned business, we pride ourself on treating our clients as if they are members of our family. Respect and honesty are critical in all of our interactions. We recognize that serving them is a privilege; it is one which we take seriously.  Proving our clients high quality responsive service is our highest priority. When you work with us, every interaction will be positive. We will work hard to ensure we exceed your expectations.


Flooring and Tile Removal


Are you ready to make a change to your stone tile floors?  If so, your first step is removal. Contact us today to schedule an on-site visit and receive your free cost and time estimate.  We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your project.  

Give us a call at 954-532-9677 to learn more about how we can help you!


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