Bathroom Demolition

We hear it all the time, “we can demolish our bathroom ourselves, it’s such a small space!” Well, you may want to think twice if you are considering a bathroom renovation for exactly the reason stated above.

You may believe demolishing a small space is quick and easy – but think again. Small spaces, like bathrooms, require finesse and expertise.

Our relationships with our clients begin with an in-home assessment of your project resulting in an accurate time and cost estimate. 

When you hire JBL to demolish your bathroom you get a crew of experienced professionals who:

  • understand how navigate small space demolition projects.
  • protect and preserve important electrical and plumbing outlets so they can be used in your remodel.
  • know how to remove old fixtures but leave appropriate access for the contractors who will complete the renovation.
  • remove large fixtures, like tubs, vanities and toilets, carefully protecting the structure of your bathroom and the remainder of your home.
  • work efficiently, leveraging their expertise, to complete your project within the estimated time period.
  • remove all debris, including fixtures and tile, leaving your home and the area surrounding it in the same condition it was upon our arrival.
  • complete your renovation in most professional manner possible leaving your space clean and ready for its remodel.

Our crew of licensed and insured professionals arrive at your home and throughout the course of your job treat your home with the same level of respect we would treat their own.  All adjoining rooms and the remainder of your house are protected from the dust that often results from a demolition project. We seal off adjoining rooms, block air conditioning ducts and protect all flooring from your home’s entrance to the bathroom.

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on treating clients as if they were a member of our family. We communicate regularly and our crews of professionals are polite and respectful. Looking for bathroom demolition services?  Call us today!

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