Vinyl flooring removal has been popular in both residential and commercial locations for years. It is water resistant and affordable. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns; there is something for every taste and style. That said, over time vinyl flooring ages, the results of which are extremely visible.  Colors fade and eventually it begins to peel and even separate from the subfloor.

If you have decided to replace your vinyl flooring, either because of its age or because you are bringing in a new look, the first step in the process is flooring removal.  While you may be tempted to undertake this yourself, you should absolutely consider working with a professional. The removal of vinyl can be time consuming and messy. Professionals who utilize the appropriate equipment can remove vinyl effectively and efficiently, often in less than a day’s work.

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At JBL our teams of professionals are well-versed in removing the broadest range of floor coverings. And, they are licensed and insured.  Of critical importance is the way in which they are assigned to projects. Only individuals with the appropriate experience removing the type of flooring in your location will be designated to work for you. Each and every one at JBL understands our customer-focused approach.  Your satisfaction is their highest priority. They will provide superior technical service while ensuring that your vinyl removal experience is a positive one.


Each type of flooring requires a unique removal process; but our approach to customer service remains constant. We have identified a process that not only works, but also provides us the framework from which to ensure our customers are satisfied, every single time.

On -Site Visit

On every potential job, the first step in building a relationship is an on-site visit by one of our professionals.  We have the opportunity to both get to know you and see, in person, the scope of the project at hand. This allows us to meet you in person and to see first hand, the scope of your job. We leverage the knowledge gained from this meeting to provide you with accurate time and cost estimates.  We always set expectations at the onset; nobody likes surprises!

Commitment to Timeliness

Of primary importance to us is maintaining the utmost respect for your time.  We appreciate its value. Thus, we ALWAYS arrive when promised. We never leaving you waiting. Additionally, all aspects of our service approach are geared toward efficiency while maximizing quality.

Protecting Your Property

While removing your vinyl flooring we are, essentially, “guests” on you property. As such, it is our responsibility to protect the areas both where we work and those adjacent to them. Upon our arrival, our first order of business is to install temporary ramps over we will move our equipment. These protect the floors over which they lay.  Our equipment may be heavy and is complete with the sharp blades necessary to remove vinyl. 

We also seal off all areas with plastic sheeting and tape. The removal of vinyl flooring can incredibly messy; containing the debris and dust to the areas in which we work is important. Upon completion, your home or place of business will be in the same condition is was upon our arrival – we never leave any debris, we take it all with us.

Vinyl Flooring Removal

Your vinyl flooring may have been installed on a concrete, over hardwood or even on top of a plywood subfloor. We are experienced in all three and ready to get to work.

In order to remove your vinyl flooring quickly, we will leverage our equipment. This allows us to  remove the flooring in a timely fashion. That said, machinery alone cannot complete this job. Our professionals will remove any remaining vinyl (especially that which may be close to moldings and walls) by hand. Vinyl flooring is affixed to your floors with a special, strong glue. Working carefully, we will ensure that all traces of glue are gone and are your floors are smooth and ready for their new life.  

Once the work is complete, we will remove our machinery and equipment.  All areas of your home or business will be clean!


Quality service, each and every time – it is what sets us apart from others in the industry.  Time and time again, our clients share our name with their friends, families and acquaintances. These referrals are the best compliment we receive.  They illustrate our clients satisfaction with the job we completed and the people who conducted it. They appreciated our work so much that they suggested others work with us as well.  Thank you!

As you may know, we are a family-owned business. This fact is critical to our service philosophy. Basically, our goal is to treat everyone with whom we work as if they, too, are a member of our family. Honesty, respect and professionalism are the cornerstones of our service philosophy. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and will work hard to make sure the experience is positive. We aim to exceed your expectations.  On every single job, your satisfaction is our highest priority. 


Flooring and Tile Removal

Do you have vinyl flooring that needs to be replaced? If so, contact us to learn more about our services.  We are experts in removing all types of vinyl flooring. And, our customer service reputation is the best in the business.  We look forward to scheduling your on-site visit and providing a free cost and time estimates.

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