Laminate Flooring Removal

You probably remember laminate flooring from your childhood. Not surprisingly, it is still popular among many homeowners and businesses today.  You see, it is incredibly cost effective and is available in the broadest array of colors and patterns. 

Because of its popularity years ago, and the fact that it is still being installed today, you may come across laminate in a home you have recently purchased or even have owned for a while.  It may even be the preferred flooring of a local business. While it is incredibly versatile, laminate does age – and it shows. Over time it can become stained. Colors may fade. And, if its been around for a while, you may even notice it peeling in places.  If this is the case in your home or business, or if you have just decided it’s time to give your floors a facelift, your laminate needs to be removed.

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The Value of Professional Services

While the removal of laminate flooring seems like it would be a simple project, quite honestly, it is not. It requires professional machinery, tools and experience to complete the job in a quality manner. Basically, this is not a job you should undertake yourself. 

Laminate floors can be complicated to remove.The planks are attached with industrial glue. Sometimes, during installation, the glue seeps between the planks resulting in the laminate becoming affixed to the sub floor. This increases the complexity of the removal. Engaging the assistance of professionals who leverage their experience and bring the appropriate tools and equipment, is a sound decision. The company you select should have experience removing laminate and a reputation for high quality, efficient service. You want to hire someone who understands the specific work you need and who can provide the best possible service.  JBL is that company. We have a proven reputation in the South Florida community and we understand the ins and outs of laminate floor removal.


We have years of experience removing laminate floors. Our licensed and insured professionals are equipped with the appropriate machinery and tools and have extensive hands-on experience to do the job and do it right. 

The first step in our process is an on-site meeting. We will visit your home or business to understand, first-hand, the scope of the job you need completed. This provides us the information we need (room size/s, layout) in order to provide an accurate time and cost estimate. 

When the time comes to begin work, our crews will arrive at your site at the time promised, with all of the necessary equipment. They will carefully prepare your home or business for the removal process. We take the necessary time to adequately protect the areas in which we are not working, including entryways, hallways and adjoining rooms. We utilize special ramps over which we move our heavy equipment. Additionally, we seal off adjoining rooms with plastic to contain residual dust.  Protecting your home or business while providing quality service is our highest priority.


The most effective way to completely remove laminate and leave your floors in pristine condition requires a combination of specialized machinery and work by hand. We provide both. We use our heavy equipment to remove the flooring and anything underneath of it (like padding).  Our professionals then work by hand to ensure your floors clear. Our final step requires the use of additional machinery to ensure a completely smooth surface.

Once the job is complete, our teams begin the clean-up process, a segment of our service that we believe is as important as the removal itself. We ensure that all debris (including laminate planks, padding, and glue) will be taken from your property.  We do NOT leave materials for your waste collection service; we haul everything away in our trucks. We also vacuum when we have finished to remove dust not captured by our equipment. We ensure your floors will be clean and smooth and your home or place of business will be left in the condition it was when we arrived.


We are incredibly proud of the reputation we have earned in South Florida as reliable business that provides the highest quality professional service and first-class treatment of our clients. As a family-owned business, we base our service philosophy on one simple tenant – treat everyone as if they too are a member of our family. We are unfailingly professional, always kind and truly respectful of those with and for whom we work. We have made a commitment to take advantage of every single service opportunity and deliver service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.


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If your laminate floors have seen better days or if you simply believe it is time for a new look, we can ready your home! We look forward to providing a free, on-site consultation.

Call us today at 954-532-9677. We are excited to officially welcome you to our family!

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