Floor coatings are used in both commercial and residential properties alike. They protect high traffic areas and enhance the appearance of all different types of floors.

In commercial structures, floor coatings are incredibly popular. They not only help a business look good, they also protect its floors from wear and tear and the possible contaminants to which  high traffic areas are susceptible. Quality floor coatings help enhance the lives of floors.

Floor coatings are also seen in residential properties. They can be used in a range of areas and on a variety of floor types. Concrete floor coatings may be the perfect choice for a garage or basement.  Additionally, coatings are available for other surfaces including ceramic tile – these help preserve the color and life of both the tile and grout.

While these coverings are popular, we all realize that sometimes change is necessary.  If you have decided it’s time to give your floors a new look, you may need to remove the coatings.


JBL professionals are experienced in removing floor coatings. All of our team members are licensed and insured and are well-versed in the specific jobs to which they are assigned. Additionally, all of our employees understand our customer-service focused approach; they are ready to work with you and provide high level, quality coating removal while ensuring that working with us is a positive experience for you. 


While our work on your floor consists of specific project related steps, our general customer service process remains the same for all of our jobs. It has proven effective and results in satisfied clients.

In Home Visit

The first step in our business relationship is an on-site visit by one of our professionals. This provides us the opportunity to meet you in person and to see first hand, the scope of your job. The knowledge and understanding we gain from this allows us to provide you with an accurate cost and time estimate. We believe in setting expectations up front – you always know exactly what we have planned.  

Commitment to Timeliness

Quite simply, we value your time.  On each and every job, we arrive when promised; we will not leave you waiting. We understand that your time is important and we will never waste it. 

Protecting Your Property

We recognize the importance of protecting your home or business.  In fact, this is the first task we undertake. Upon our arrival, we install temporary ramps over which we transport our machinery. These protect the floors over which they travel.  Our equipment my be heavy and is complete with the sharp blades necessary to remove floor coatings. 

Then, we seal off all adjacent areas. Coating removal can be messy, we want to contain all debris and dust to the areas in which we are working.  It is important that we prepare your home or business; when your job is complete and we leave your property we ensure it will be in the same condition it was upon our arrival.

Coating Removal

Our professional-grade machinery is critical in the coating removal process. The blades on our equipment help us quickly remove the majority of any floor coatings. Our professionals get to work, by hand, once the machines have done their job. They work to remove any remaining coating and ensure that all corners and edges are clean and clear. 

Once your floors are perfect, we will remove our machinery and equipment.  Additionally, we take all related debris with us. Our crews NEVER leave trash on site.  All work areas will be thoroughly cleaned and your floors will be ready for their new life!


At JBL we are incredibly proud of our reputation for quality service.  In fact, many of our clients are the result of referrals from those whom we have served.  Sharing our name is the greatest compliment you can provide. It illustrates your satisfaction with both our service and professionals. We are honored by your recommendations and consistently strive to provide even better service.

JBL is a family-owned business.  Over the years we have developed a service philosophy that represents exactly who we are.  JBL aims to treat everyone with whom we work as if they were a member of our family. We are respectful, honest and professional at all times. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and are incredibly grateful you chose to bring us into your business or home. On every single job your satisfaction is our highest priority. 

Our team can remove any type of flooring and any type of coating removal in your home or business, however, some of the most popular flooring removal services that we offer are:



Flooring and Tile Removal

Are you looking to remove your floor coatings?  If so, give us a call and learn more about our services. 

We look forward to scheduling your on-site visit and providing a free cost and time estimates.   Call us today at 954-532-9677!


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