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At JBL we are proud of our reputation as contractors providing the highest quality service in flooring removal. From our location in Pompano Beach, Florida, we serve a broad array of both residential and commercial clients throughout all of South Florida. We are well-regarded for the professionalism of our work crews and for our ability to exceed our clients expectations.  We provide complete dustless floor and tile removal.



Flooring is the understated focal point of each and every room.  Because it covers so much area, changing it instantly results in a new look.  


Once you have made the decision to embark upon a change, the first step is to remove the existing flooring, a job that requires considerable expertise, time and energy.  While some attempt to do this themselves, many others have recognized the value in engaging with a professional. This type of work requires specialized tools, a specific skill set and a degree of “muscle”.  Regardless of the type of flooring being replaced (carpet, wood, laminate or tile), the resulting debris from the removal will be heavy.


Historically, flooring removal is not only time consuming and labor-intensive, it is also incredibly messy.  The dust that is created can be overwhelming.  In fact, those companies that rely on the traditional ways in which to remove flooring spend significant time preparing your property to protect it from the dust that results from the removal of thinset, the layer of mortar or cement used to affix your flooring to its surface. This dust is incredibly fine and, regardless of how thorough the preparation is,  virtually impossible to contain. Because of this, dust settles everywhere:  on walls, cabinets and countertops. 


At JBL, we are proud to provide our clients with completely dustless floor and tile removal services.  Leveraging the latest in technology, our equipment is designed with speciality vacuums that attach directly to our flooring removal tools.  This captures the dust as it is created, thus protecting the entire environment of your home or business including floors and counters, walls and ceilings, and even your duct systems. 


Basically, we offer top-notch flooring removal services while providing the utmost protection to your belongings and ultimately, your health.

Flooring is the understated focal point of each and every room.  Because it covers so much area, changing it instantly results in a new look.  

Kitchen & Bath Demolition

Among our most requested services are our kitchen and bathroom demolitions.  These projects are popular because renovations to these rooms can significantly increase the value of one’s home.


Because these rooms are essential, dustless flooring removal is even more important. Both rooms have non-moveable fixtures, so capturing the dust is critical.  There is not furniture that can easily be relocated, for its protection,  during the demolition stage. 


Additionally, these areas of the house are “high-traffic”; they are used regularly and often. Our ability to work quickly and cleanly and have your home ready for its new flooring is crucial. One of the most valuable parts of our service approach is that we provide reliable time and cost estimates and assign the requisite sized crew of professionals to your job. We are proud to say that we can complete many projects in a single day.


Dustless Tile Removal Services

Above all, at JBL, we are ready to go to work for you! We believe you will be pleased with our proven service approach, commitment to customer satisfaction and our high-quality dust free floor and tile removal.  


Contact us today to schedule your no-cost estimate and learn more about how we can help ready your home or place of business for its new look. Call us today at 954-532-9677!


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