South Florida No Dust Floor Removal

Protecting your home or place of business from unwanted dust during the flooring removal process IS possible. Today, high quality tools are available to mitigate a historically messy job.

While no dust floor removal is attractive to many; to some it is imperative. Households with elderly individuals or those who suffer from conditions like asthma are among this group. Dust can magnify certain conditions and be incredibly dangerous. 

JBL Provides Dust Free Flooring Removal

JBL professional flooring removal service has established a reputation for providing its clients high quality service. We are well-versed at removing all types of flooring. And, when necessary, we can ensure that our employees provide our services dust free.  Our professionals are trained and experienced in using specialized equipment for this purpose.

Our Service Approach

Throughout South Florida we are known for our client-focused service approach. First and foremost, our service philosophy has, at its core, a commitment to quality.

We have developed and implemented a company-wide business approach that is leveraged on each and every job. In addition to providing the highest quality of technical work, our customer service approach distinguishes us from the competition. We ensure that we understand our clients’ wants and needs. Our service plan ensures that we not only meet, but also exceed them.

On-Site Visit

Every job where dust is of concern begins with an on-site visit by one of our dustless floor removal professionals. The information gained during this meeting allows us to provide you with accurate time and cost estimates.

This “in-person” interaction also gives you the chance to see what it is like to work with us. The professional with whom you meet and his or her demeanor is representative of all of those in our organization. As a service business we know how important quality interaction is; we provide it on every single job.

Timely Service

Time is money. We have all heard that expression before.  At JBL, this statement is one of the cornerstones of our business. We value your time and are committed to never wasting it.

We always arrive at the time agreed upon. And, once working, we leverage our processes and experience to work in the most efficient manner possible. Dustless floor removal does not need to be time consuming.

Respect For Your Property

Treating your home or business with the utmost respect is of primary concern, especially when providing dustless tile removal services In fact, protecting your property is an important tenet of our service philosophy. 

We have developed a proven process which we use on every job.  First, we use our ramps and plastic sheeting to protect your property.  Our dustless flooring removal equipment is heavy; protecting your flooring as we move our machinery is critical. 

Additionally, while our floor removal method is virtually dust free, it is important to understand that all flooring removal does result in a great deal of debris. As such, we cover your countertops and cabinets with plastic sheeting.  Also, we use this same material to cordon off our work areas and protect adjacent rooms.  

We  go the extra mile to care for your home or business as if it were our own.

Floor Removal CAN Be Dust Free

Common sense tells us that flooring removal is messy.  It always requires cutting and grinding. There will be dust.

At JBL our South Florida floor removal professionals always contain and clean the mess.  However, when dust free tile removal is necessary, speciality equipment is available. At JBL we have the appropriate equipment and experience to provide our clients this valuable service. 

After our professionals cut segments of your flooring by hand, they use tools with self-contained vacuums to remove the pieces. These same vacuum attachments can be used to remove glue and adhesive dust free. This process helps keep the environment inside your place of business or home healthy.  

We also appreciate the value in efficient service.  The less time we spend working on your property, the smaller the inconvenience.  At JBL we regularly complete no dust floor removal in less than a day.

We remove the flooring, ensure your floors are clear and smooth, and clean the entire work area all in one day.  When we leave, we cart away all debris, leaving your property in the same condition it was upon our arrival. You will be ready to resume your day-to-day life or business operations.

High Quality, Respectful Service

JBL is well known, across South Florida, for the level of service we provide.  In fact, this is one of the distinguishing factors of our business.

As a family-owned business, we truly appreciate the value of relationships. And, we do our best to make all of our interactions with you positive.  History has shown that we are incredibly successful in achieving this goal.

In fact, much of our business is repeat and based upon referrals.  This is not only the greatest compliment we can receive, but also a true measure of success.  

Finally, it is important to understand that we treat everyone with whom we work like a member of our family. This “relationship view” encompasses all of our employees as well as our valued clients.

Clear, honest and respectful communication is valued. We constantly strive to exceed our clients expectations and provide the highest quality flooring removal services by the most respectful professionals.  You become a member of our family when you work with us. We treat your home or business as if it were our own.


Flooring and Tile Removal

Are you looking for a company that can provide no dust flooring removal? If so, contact us. We look forward to meeting you and providing more information regarding our company and how we can serve you. 

We are ready to schedule a free, in-home visit and provide a cost estimate. Contact us to schedule your free in-home visit and cost estimate. Call us today at 954-532-9677! 


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