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Tile Removal Company in Fort Lauderdale

Tile removal is a process that involves removing tiles from floors, walls, and other surfaces. The process can be messy and time-consuming, but it is necessary if you want to replace your old tiles with new ones. If you’re looking for the best tile removal services, you should consider hiring a certified JBL Flooring Solutions. JBL Flooring Solutions is the original inventor and king of dust-free tile removal. They offer a range of dust-free tile removal services, including removing ceramic floor tile, adhesive, carpet, stone, wood, Saltillo, porcelain, thin-set, backsplash, and tub surround. 

JBL Flooring Solutions contractors use a heavy-duty vacuum system and their tools to clean up dust. This process takes more time and the equipment is expensive, so expect to pay a premium for this service. However, the revolutionary JBL Flooring Solutions System Floor Removal Equipment is now available for sale to licensed contractors in floor removal & and flooring installation, remodelers, commercial property renovation companies, utilities, and other industries. JBL Flooring Solutions provides a dust elimination solution to remove tile, tile cement board, underlayment, and all types of tile flooring materials. 

The system of dust-free not dustless floor removal equipment and refined processes removes the tile in an exceptionally fast, efficient method to increase profitability and save valuable time. In terms of ruggedness and dependability, every component of the JBL Flooring Solutions System Floor Removal Equipment has been field-tested to outperform and outlast other products currently marketed to remove ceramic tile concrete. Dustless tile removal also saves you money on unwanted costs down the road. The process leaves your home clean if not cleaner than it was before JBL Flooring Solutions touched your floors. No professional cleaning sessions for months or years to come will be necessary.

Please give us a call at 954-532-9677, we take pride in our work and it shows.

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