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The home renovation that makes the single greatest impact is, without a doubt, new flooring. Think about it. Floors comprise so much of a house; changing them is an impact. Visitors may not notice a new piece of art or furniture; but, without a doubt, they will realize you redid your floors! 

If you are looking to make a change, either because your flooring is old or damaged, or because it’s time for a new look, your will need to remove your current flooring.  We are the best professional floor removal company in South Florida! So, engaging with a professional like us for this work is a wise choice.

Many homeowners believe this is a job they can do themselves. After all, how hard can it be?  More often than not they realize, part way through the job, that it DOES require both professional equipment and skill, neither of which they possess.  

Below we have shared 5 reasons to engage a well-regarded professional floor removal company.

  1. They Have All The Necessary Equipment: The removal of flooring often requires professional equipment, some of which is mechanical and heavy, like grinders and sanders. Additionally, hand-held tools like scrapers and pry bars are not commonly found in the garage of your average homeowner. Experience using these tools is critical to properly removing flooring while NOT causing damage to subfloors.  
  2. Preparation is Key: A home needs to be prepped before work can commence. Whether you have tile, wood or carpet, you’ll want to protect your furniture, moldings and cabinetry as well as any areas adjacent to the rooms where work is being done. Professional flooring removal companies are experienced in doing this.  They install ramps to protect your floors from the heavy equipment, cover cabinets and furniture, remove and replace moldings to ensure they won’t be damaged and seal off any adjacent areas to keep them dust free. Protective materials can be costly and need to be used correctly; not all DIY homeowners can do this.
  3. Your Time is Valuable: A professional flooring removal company can often complete jobs in less than a day. They come in, prepare your home, work, clean up and leave – and your floors are smooth and ready for the new life. Homeowners attempting this on their own do not work as quickly or efficiently (they don’t have a “team” to support them).  The process can be incredibly time consuming.
  4. Injuries are Possible: Basically, flooring companies hire professionals and are licensed and insured for a reason. The removal process is physical and can be dangerous to someone who doesn’t understand how to properly use the tools and equipment.  Tile and wood can have sharp edges and carpet often requires the removal of tacs. Professionals come equipped with protective gear like goggles and gloves and understand how to use all of their equipment (which can be heavy or sharp). It’s truly not worth risking your health and possible injury; you need to be able to do your own job when this project is complete.
  5. There is So Much Trash: One thing is always certain; flooring removal results in an incredible amount of heavy trash. Whether it is carpet fragments, padding and tacs, broken tile, pieces of cement or wood, the amount of debris at the conclusion of the removal process is considerable. A reputable flooring removal company will take the debris with them, and dispose of it in an environmentally appropriate manner.  Should you try to do the work yourself, you also need to arrange for proper disposal, which can be costly.

Flooring removal can be complicate, so hire a help!

Clearly, there is a lot to consider when determining the most effective manner to remove your current flooring.  We encourage you to take a careful look at your available time, skill level and resources in order to make the most appropriate decision for your family. DIY is not always easier or less expensive.

Engage with a Professional Floor Removal Company

At JBL Flooring Solutions, we are experienced in removing a broad range of flooring including carpet, linoleum, tile, wood and more. We have a staff of skilled professionals and the most up-to-date equipment. Our reputation in South Florida is unmatched.  In fact, much of our business in the result of referrals from past clients. If you are looking to replace your floors, contact us for a free, in-home visit and time and cost estimate. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our family.  

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