The Top Rated Dust Free Tile Removal Company in Florida

The Top Rated Dust Free Tile Removal Company in Florida

The Top Rated Dust Free Tile Removal Company in Florida

JBL Flooring Solutions is amongst the best floor removal companies and is the national leading company in dust-free tile removal. We are your number one source for flooring removal and we guarantee a cleaner, better, and faster service than any other contractors in the industry. We remove tile at unbelievable speeds and never compromise your air quality. Our system has been perfected through the years and we ensure a completely dust-free result. Your home will be clean, if not, cleaner than it was from when we first arrived. Below are the different types of flooring materials that we remove, completely dust-free!

The number one reason why homeowners do not remove their old tile flooring is because of the dust it creates. Most people and contractors just don’t want to deal with the dusty mess.

We Are One Of The Best Floor Removal Companies

At JBL Flooring, we have our system to alleviate this problem for the homeowner; however, there is a much more important reason why every tile removal job should use our methods of removing tile flooring. 

Most people don’t realize the dust created in flooring removal and demolition is hazardous crystalline silica.  This dangerous dust is in the air we breathe; however, the concentration of silica we breathe daily is not adequate to cause long-term health issues. 

In the case of flooring removal, this is not true, especially when it involves cement-based thin-set, leveling compound, tile, and stone.  Due to the high concentration of silica floating around in an enclosed space such as a home or office during a flooring removal project, these levels will always exceed OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Level (PEL) by many, many factors.

OSHA has listed crystalline silica as a respiratory hazard for occupational workers.  The medical diagnosis often includes Silicosis and Lung Cancer, as silica has been rated a human lung carcinogen by both NIOSH and the CDC.

If silica dust is terrible for occupational workers, then it certainly is not suitable for you and your family.

If so, then they are creating a repeated exposure to crystalline silica dust which is a violation of OSHA’s Mitigation Standard for Crystalline Silica Dust.

Removing Ceramic Tile

A home can be revitalized and given a new look by doing more than just painting the walls; for example, by ripping up old ceramic floor tiles and replacing them with modern luxury vinyl, hardwood, or even just a fresh color scheme in a backsplash.

It’s natural to want to know the best method for removing broken ceramic tile from a concrete slab.  Hiring a professional contractor who is DustRam® certified to handle dust-free tile and flooring removal is the easiest and best way to remove ceramic floor tile.

When weighed against the cost of removing ceramic tile flooring by hand or with subpar services, dust-free tile removal stands out as the clear winner.

It is possible to avoid the hassle and expense of normal demolition by switching to a dust-free method of removing tiles.

Cleaning Costs

In simple terms, carpets, rugs, window treatments, and upholstery are all cleaned by vacuuming once conventional floor removal techniques have been used.

Cleaning the air conditioning unit entails more than just changing the filter and running the vacuum over the vents; it also includes washing down the baseboards, walls, ceilings, fans, light fixtures, windowsills, and tracks.

Cleaning the inside of cabinets and closets includes emptying the contents and wiping out the shelves, drawers, and rods, as well as the clothes, shoes, and other items stored within.

The typical price for one cleaning is $550 to $800. It may be necessary to have professional cleaners come in three or more times over the next few months or even years.

To prevent negative health consequences from repeated exposure as it circulates through the home and air conditioning vents, it is crucial to eliminate all dust and debris.

Health Cost

Injuries from the usage of rented tools that a homeowner wouldn’t normally use can have a negative impact 

Ceramic tile removal is a laborious process even when proper safety equipment is used.

Up to one pound of dust per square foot is produced during the demolition of flooring.  This amounts to about 800 pounds of toxins that could be lingering in the air during a normal clearance of an 800-square-foot space.

When tile or other flooring is removed, it creates a lot of dust that can linger in the air for months, even after a thorough cleaning.

Dust causes problems for everyone in the home, including dogs, kids, and the elderly, but it can exacerbate existing respiratory conditions like asthma, COPD, and allergies the most.

Long-term exposure to silica dust causes lung disease and cancer, and symptoms can appear just weeks after initial contact.

Fluid accumulation and the formation of scar tissue are the bare minimum effects of silica on a person’s breathing function.

Time Cost

In any remodel, there is a lot of time put in for planning, implementing, and resolving unforeseen issues.  Anything one can do to save time and money is imperative.

After all, in the construction business, time is money.  With the dustfree tile removal offered by us at JBL Flooring Solutions, the homeowner and flooring crew save a lot of time by avoiding the hassle of putting up and removing dust preventatives of fans, plastic sheeting with tape, and water, which by the way, do not work.

Pick up of deterrents when using old-fashioned, dusty removal can take additional time waiting for the water to dry before installation of the new flooring can commence or hiring outside vendors for sanitizing the home or business after.

Getting your home or business ready for our unique dust-free tile removal service does not usually require packing or moving items in closets or pantries as food, electronics, and clothing are generally not disturbed.

This translates into more time saved as there is no unpacking either.  The floor is immediately ready to turn over to your installer or contractor to proceed with any additional floor prep, should any be required, with the concrete flatter than the day poured.

The best way to take up ceramic tile or floors of any type is with the dust-free tile removal offered by us a JBL Flooring contractor using the patented equipment specially designed for dust-free flooring demolition.

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